Leadership Must Take Laws Seriously – They Produce Culture

Amb. Dr. Clyde Rivers of Burundi and iChange Nations along with Reuben Egolf of Leading Nations
Amb. Dr. Clyde Rivers of Burundi and iChange Nations along with Reuben Egolf of Leading Nations

Laws establish parameters in a nation of what is accepted behavior within its borders. Law is the product of values and when they are passed they (laws) produce a culture. Culture is defined by the intangibles of behaviors and beliefs that are the accepted norm within a nation’s boundaries. If these norms are violated, there are laws in place to protect those norms and preserve the existing culture.

Laws even insure immigration assimilation. All nations should welcome immigrants inside their borders and be able to draw from the infinite well of ideas, experiences, and backgrounds. However, to guarantee the perpetuity of culture in the nation immigrated to, laws become the filtering system to strip away what are considered unwanted social ills. Laws then help to shape the value system within those who are coming into the nation so they can become contributors to the good of the whole.


Let’s pretend I come from a nation and culture that permits prostitution and is considered a social norm and there are laws that protect it. I immigrate to a country that have laws forbidding the practice and its culture frowns on the promiscuous behavior because it values the human body and sexual relationships in its moral code. I may want to start a brothel but because of the law of this nation I am forbidden to do it. The law has protected the culture and has witnessed to me what this country values.

If you want to change the culture of a nation you have to first change its laws. This is what is happening around the world. Some citizens do not want a culture that frowns on prostitution, abortion, homosexuality, or some other social taboo within its borders. These people understand they have to change the laws to change the culture. As Ambassador Dr. Clyde Rivers of Burundi often says “they verbally engineer change.” Proponents of change will set out to desensitize the considered social abnormality by verbally changing the words that create the taboo imagery to a softer more palatable verbiage. An example might be; instead of calling it prostitution, now rename it to “sexual maintenance program.” Put it before the people as average everyday normal people who work hard and contribute to society,  and when its time at night to have a little fun no one gets hurt by it. It’s put on the same social acceptance as having a casual drink. The next thing you know, the citizens opinions change and are in agreement for the law to change. Once the law is changed then the culture has changed and it has new social norms which are protected.

As leadership, it is our responsibility to expose things that will hurt our culture. Social ills are not mere fleas that irritate at a low level, but are serious enough to undermine the moral fabric of a nations soul imploding it from within without an enemy firing a shot.

Rome was the greatest empire to have ever existed. It’s enemies feared the Roman Legions with great trepidation but it was not destroyed by the outside enemies, but from the enemies within. When immorality became the accepted norm because of the laws that were changed to accommodate it, they weakened from the inside out and became a memory instead of an influence.

We must take laws and culture very seriously. It defines who we are and where we are going.

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