Visionaries do not Ignore the Present – Leadership Entrusted with Human Rights

Amb. Dr. Clyde Rivers for Burundi and ichangenations with Reuben Egolf of Leadingnations in Harrisburg, Pa
Amb. Dr. Clyde Rivers for Burundi and ichangenations with Reuben Egolf of Leadingnations in Harrisburg, Pa

Leadership is being a visionary. That means I see what can be and when I wake up, I deal with what is. When people hand me power and authority in a nation by electing or putting me in the office of leadership, the responsibility of change is now on me. Usually campaigns for political office is centered on casting vision for a better future for my nation. However, the unfortunate reality in many cases is when one is placed in office, the present reality is never dealt with to make the vision become a possibility. Being a visionary doesn’t mean you live in the future ignoring the present. It’s what brings purpose and motivation to the present.


Human Rights is an issue in many nations of the world that need dealt with. Inherently, people want fair treatment for all citizens. It’s only the power hungry fueled by selfish greed and certain ideologies that break this normal desire of fair treatment and equity for all. If I am elected by the citizenry because I have cast the vision for a better future for all people then they expect me to reform the present reality to create the future I promised. Unfortunately, many get to the position on the vision but ignore the present to produce the promises made in the campaign. The citizens then lose faith in the person and system because of the divorce between campaign rhetoric and actions in the office. Never lose sight of a better tomorrow for all. It will propel and motivate you through every difficulty to achieve a higher standard of living for everyone.


This is the importance of principled structure within us as leaders. The force of integrity and conviction within us must be greater than the forces that work against us from the outside in attempts to produce compromise and defeat. At the heart of leadership must be the value of human existence and the right of all to coexist. Nothing should compete as a rival for that core value. In other words, it is never justifiable to compromise it.

Buildings collapse during the winds and waves of hurricanes and typhoons because the force on the outside is greater than the strength of the structure on the inside. The buildings that remain standing were stronger on the inside than the power on the outside. We as leaders MUST be the same as the latter.

The simple solution is simplistic but if done, it works every time. Mean what you say – say what you mean – then work tirelessly to bring it about. The people will thank you later.

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