Placing Human Rights Above the Opinions, Religion, and Creeds of All

Reuben Egolf Speaks on Principled Centered Leadership
Reuben Egolf Speaks on Principled Centered Leadership

The powerful weapon of an outcry in condemning with the harshest of terms the massacre that has taken place recently in Pakistan cannot be underestimated. We as a populace, and in leadership, must be careful of being more sensitive to the things that offend than we are in valuing human life. Regardless of one’s philosophy or religious affiliation, if human rights are violated as a result of one’s perpetuation of his or hers ideology, then I must overcome my fear of offending that person or system and stand up for the basic principles of human rights. When there is a concerted effort involving many nations in condemning these heinous acts of brutality against our fellow man, those who propagate such hatred will be placed on the defensive and become a dying system.The power of unity creates a force of indomitable proportions. Two are stronger than one, and if you place millions along with nations and their leadership as a unified voice for the preservation of human rights – the sky would become the limit in what we achieve.

When leadership and a nation takes a stand for human rights that comes in direct conflict with the perpetrator’s personal ideology or philosophy, it will draw the ire, hatred, and possible retribution from them. However, the human rights cause is worth the sacrifice and effort. Why? Because what nobler cause is there than trying to save human lives from senseless destruction. Every time a human life dies prematurely, so does their contribution to society. Who knows how many vaccines, medical breakthroughs, technological advances, and solutions in every form have been aborted by those who assumed the role of judge and God determining who lived or died.

No person’s

  • opinions
  • religion
  • philosophy
  • creed

has the right to usurp one’s right to live!

As we educate the next generation in our educational system, let’s incorporate the fundamental principle of human rights – the right to exist peacefully without harm for one’s identity of race, religion, and ethnicity. When we change the next generation by implanting these values in them, we change our future world.

The 1st sentence of the Preamble to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states

Whereas recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world

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