A Necessary Collaboration

The necessity is clear that developing countries need to become concerned with creating environments conducive for economic growth, social improvements, and improved infrastructures. The countries who are forced to deal with the crushing influx of immigrants seeking a better life is overwhelming their ability to sustain them. Developing nations on the other hand is suffering … Continue reading A Necessary Collaboration

Ethics a Must in Business for National Growth

The word incentive means something, such as the fear of punishment or the expectation of reward, which induces action or motivates effort. When incentives are no longer present in a social or economic system then productivity subsides and innovation lumbers along at a snails pace. Competition incentivizes quality. Consumers benefit from competition because of the … Continue reading Ethics a Must in Business for National Growth

Real Solutions Needed

An Unfortunate Reality Some people thrive off of division, strife, and the so-called struggle of issues confronting a nation or nations. Leaders of movements sometimes are not looking for real solutions because a solution would spell the end of their importance, financial means, and power. As long as there is a problem, they are needed … Continue reading Real Solutions Needed